Alternate names Pathicord
Type Sanguine
Employed by Various
Notable examples Unnamed brinksman
Appearances Factotum

A brinksman, properly called a pathicord, is a type of sanguine who uses sanguinary draughts to professional extremes. This allows them to push their bodies beyond the limits of human endurance and accomplish what would normally be physically impossible. As the use of sanguinary draughts builds up a tolerance over time, brinksmen use other draughts to counter the increased stress on their overworked organs and bodies and return to normal functioning. However they run the risk of becoming addicted and losing the functions of their bodies.

Pater Pontiflex Maupin hired an unnamed brinksman who masqueraded as a reddleman to track Europe during her knave.


The term is derived from brinksmanship, the practice of pushing dangerous events to the verge of or to the brink of disaster in order to achieve the most advantageous outcome