Dolours, the laude of the Right of the Pacific Dove.
Alternate names Mynchen
Type Teratologist
Notable examples Dolours

Appearances Lamplighter

A calendar, also known as a strigaturpis or strig for short or a mynchen (Gott), is a female fighter who belongs to a clave, an all-female secret society typically organized around the ideals of philanthropy and social justice. They tend to focus on protecting the poor and less fortunate from monsters.

A notable clave that appears in the trilogy is the Right of the Pacific Dove, which is based in Herbroulesse. Threnody and Dolours are members of this clave, which is led by Threnody's mother, Syntychë.

Maiden-fraught is another term for calendar, thought it is also applied to fighting women in general.


Calendars use their own distinct terminology to refer to the roles that they fulfill:

Role Calendar term Example (s)
Fulgar Stilbine
Wit Pathotine Threnody
Dexter Cacistin
Skold Pharmacine
Scourge Cheimin
Bane Sceptine Dolours
Sagaar Purrichin Idesloe, Pannette
Pistoleer Spendonette Charllette, Pandomë
Leer Astatine


Calendar ranks in descending order are:

  • Carline: A retired and revered calendar, rare and sought for wisdom and ajudication.
  • August: The head of a clave.
  • Laude: The second in charge of a clave and the herald of an august.
  • Cantin: An assistant to the laude and the lifeguard of the august.
  • Caladine: Equivalent in rank to a tome, but operates alone and errant.
  • Tome: A leader of a number of pagins and chapters.
  • Chaptin: A fully approved and initiated siter.
  • Pagin: An entry-level initiate serving a probationary period.