Status Alive
Affiliations Naimes' diplomatic mission to Brandenbrass
Occupations Percusor
Weapons Pistols
Series debut Factotum

Camillo is one of the two percusors retained by Baron Idias Finance, the head of Naimes' diplomatic mission to Brandenbrass. He works alongside Elecrobus Slitt.


Camillo is skilled in the use of pistols and potives and is trained to use a sthenicon.



On the night before Europe's knave was to begin, Camillo and Elecrobus Slitt were stationed outside Cloche Arde by Idias Finance to keep watch in case of any trouble, although Europe herself did not know about this. For the task Camillo was equipped with a sthenicon and both men were armed with pistols and potives. In the dead of night Anaesthesia Myrrh launched a solo attack against Cloche Arde after arriving out front via a hired takeny but fled when Camillo and Slitt assaulted the takeny. Their role in fending off the attack was revealed when Europe went to her gate and talked with Slitt, and both men afterwards returned to their watch.[1]

Prior to Europe's grand gala, Finance offered the services of both percusors to Europe to help her root out Maupin's hiding place, but she turned him down.[2] Camillo did not accompany Finance and Slitt when they tracked Europe to Maupin's hiding place on the night of their final confrontation.[3]


Camillo is an Italian male first name.


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