Cathar's Treacle
Alternate names Plaudamentum
Type Alembant
User Lahzars
Appearances Trilogy

Cathar's Treacle, properly known as plaudamentum and also as just "treacle", is an alembant drunk twice daily by lahzars to prevent their surgically implanted organs from spasming. Failure to drink their treacle beyond a few days will cause a lahzar's organs to start to rot from the inside and if a week goes by without it, they are effectively dead. Some lahzars choose to make their own treacle while others have it made for them by their factotum or a dispensurist or skold. As it only keeps for a few hours at most, Cathar's Treacle must be made fresh each time. It has a black, oily appearance and is foul-smelling.

Brewing it was one of Rossamünd Bookchild's duties as Europe's factotum and she considered him "'the best treacle-tester this side of the Marrow'".[1]


Cathar's Treacle is mainly composed of five separate ingredients or bases, each in proportion to each other:

Non-standard optional ingredients include:

Europe does not use any of these non-standard ingredients, which are addictive and will have a corrupting effect on the user over time.[2]


  • Boil water.
  • Add bezoriac and rhatany and stir.
  • When the mixture is boiling, add xthylistic curd.
  • When the brew is properly mixed and even, remove pot from flame and add Sugar of Nnun.


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