For the ongoing online story, see Economous Musgrove (story).
Economous Musgrove
Economous Musgrove
Origin Lo[1]
Occupations Concometrist
Series debut Factotum

Economous Musgrove is a concometrist and imagineer and the title character of an ongoing story that D. M. Cornish began publishing on his blog in August 2013.


He has lank hair and wears a black cingulum edged with white. As tools of his trade he carries a calibrator and a numrelogue.




Fabulist: Economous is a talented and highly skilled artist.

Concometrist: While formally trained as a concometrist, Economous' inclinations like more towards being a fabulist and he does not put his training to much use.



Economous hails from Lo and is an only child. When he was five years old, he and three friends were out poaching bird's eggs from the trees that grew on the outskirts of the village when he was snatched by a nicker. His friends fleeing, Economous was saved by another monster which battled the first one, enabling him to escape.[1] He later settled in Brandenbrass.



On the same day that Rossamünd Bookchild went to fill three Singular Contracts on Europe's behalf at the Letter and Coursing House, Musgrove visited her at Cloche Arde to offer his services as an illustrator. However she turned him down and he left dispirited, encountering Rossamünd and Pragmathës Carp on his way out. Carp ignored him, but Rossamünd greeted him, and Europe later explained who Musgrove was in her file.[2] Despite the initial rejection she later hired Musgrove to draw spedigraphs for the guests at her grand gala who wanted them. Rossamünd was glad to learn of this development on the day of the event, and the concometrist was able to properly introduce himself when they met again.[3]

Economous MusgroveEdit


His name may be derived from Oeconomus, from which the genitive form, Οἰκονόμου (Economou) is also a common surname in Modern Greek.


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