Fiel from a map drawn by D. M. Cornish
Alternate names Fiele
Part of Harthe Alle
Mentioned Foundling

Fiel, also known as Fiele (pronounced "feel" or "fee-ell") is a land that lies far to the east of the Half-Continent across the vinegar seas. Considered a myth, what few reports of Fiel that exist say that even more terrifying and fantastic creatures are to be found there than in the Half-Continent. Fiel is mentioned in the song "The Wide-faring Merchant".[1]



It is mentioned in a short rhyme that Rossamünd Bookchild says to himself after arriving at Winstermill when he tries to decide which clerk to hand his dispatch papers over to.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Fiel appears on a map drawn by D. M. Cornish in September 2009 that gives an outline of the Harthe Alle. He describes Fiel as a little known land where there are sedorners and many monsters.[3]


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