Haacobin Empire
Haacobin Empire
The Haacobin Empire (orange and light orange) and its neighbours.
Alternate names "Old Empire"
"Benevenetian Empire"
"Empire of the City-States"
the "Empire" by its citizens
Part of Half-Continent
Type Empire
Ruler Scepticus XLV Haacobin Menangës
Appearances Series

The Haacobin Empire is the main nation which composes the Half-Continent. Monster Blood Tattoo is set within part of the Soutlands, the southern section of the empire, in the year HIR 1601.


The Empire is basically divided into three main regions or pars regia magna. In the north is The Seat. This includes the imperial capital, Clementine, and the western lands of the Stipula, the agricultural lands of the Leven, and the Table which extends along the southern wall of the Marrow. The east is composed of the Verid Litus, which includes the mining lands of the Sink and the old inheritance of Orprimine on the coast. Campaline is the subcapital of the Verid Litus. The south is known as the Soutlands and is composed of city-states. This vast area encompasses Catalain and the western edge of the Ichormeer, Thisterland and Hergoatenbosch, the Patricine and the Lent. It goes as far inland as Maine and ends at the northern edge of the Dusthumlinde. The Soutlands have two subcapitals, the Serenine and the Considine.


The empire was originally known as the Sceptic Empire and founded by the Sceptic Dynasty, which ruled for 500 years beginning in the 9th century HIR. The dynasty's reign came to an end in the aftermath of the Battle of the Gates in HIR 1395 following the failure of Moribund Scepticus III to hear out the demands of the Stately League after they had helped defeat the forces of Turkemantium. He was assassinated and Menagës Haacobin of the Haacobin family was installed in his his place, beginning the reign of the current dynasty.



In late HIR 1601, the great fortress of the lamplighters, Winstermill, fell to an army of monsters.


On the occasion of his upcoming visit to the Soutlands with his son and heir, the current emperor, Scepticus XLV Haacobin Menangës, decreed that the order of the spring months be changed in honour of his son's name. This resulted in the month of Jude (Unxis) being placed after Narcis.


Haacobin Empire flag

The flag of the Haacobin Empire, known as Ol' Barny.

The following are symbols of the empire: