Horn-ed nicker
Mbt lamplighter monster
Origin Idlewild
Type Nicker
Stance towards everyman Hostile
Unique traits Attack in packs
Appearances Lamplighter

A Horn-ed nicker is a type of nicker that can be found in the Idlewild, although veteran lamplighters such as Grindrod and Assimus had not previously seen them until the Pettiwiggin theroscade, suggesting that that they are originally from elsewhere.[1] They are large, furry horned monsters that appear like anthropomorphic goats which walk upright and have long claws on their hands. Horn-ed nickers tend to attack in packs and as their name suggests, have prominent horns. They have a very foul smell, "like a piggery, the jakes and an unmucked manger in one".[2]

A pack of them attacked the carriage carrying Threnody and her escort on their way to Winstermill and killed two of the calendars. Theywere defeated with the help of Q Hesiod Gæta, who were on their way to Wellnigh House.


Their appearance is similar to that of a satyr, although more bestial.


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