Iudus Haacobin Manangës
Status Alive
Origin Presumably Clementine
Affiliations Haacobin Dynasty
Title Crown Prince
Occupations Heir apparent of the Haacobin Empire
Relatives Scepticus XLV Haacobin Menanges (father)
Mentioned Factotum

Iudus Haacobin Manangës is the youngest heir of Scepticus XLV Haacobin Menanges, emperor of the Haacobin Empire. On the occasion of the emperor making a rare summer pageant to the Soutlands with his son in HIR 1601, he decreed that the order of the spring months be changed in honour of his son's name.[1] This resulted in the month of Jude (Unxis) being placed after Narcis.


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