Linus Semple
Status Presumed deceased
Affiliations Lamplighters
Occupations Day-clerk
Series debut Lamplighter

Linus Semple was the day-clerk assigned to Wormstool. He is described as being short and slender, wearing clerical black and a dark green fronstectum.



Semple was working alongside Major-of-House Thyssius Grystle and Cot-Warden Hermogenës when Rossamünd Bookchild and Threnody arrived at the cothouse to start their billet. Towards the end of their first week at Wormstool, he got into an argument over the excessive delivery charges with the driver of an ox dray who had brought supplies to Wormstool.[1] Semple was later seen when Rossamünd returned to the cothouse after helping Sequecious gather thrumcops.[2] Although not explicitly mentioned, Semple was presumably killed during the Battle of Wormstool after the attacking monsters succeeded in gaining access to the upper floors of the cothouse.


Linus is a Latin name of uncertain meaning. Semple can mean of low birth.


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