Parthia & Brigandine States
The Brigandine States and Parthia from a map drawn by D. M. Cornish.
Part of Harthe Alle
Type Country
This topic does not appear in the main story, but can be found in the Factotum explicarium. Factotum mini

Parthia is a land east of the Brigandine States. It consists of "wide lands, home of wild Hun-like folks", whose kings hunt bogles and nickers for sport.[1] The juice of cacti which grow almost exclusively in the northern parts of Parthia is used to make ol' touchy.

Behind the scenesEdit

It appears on a map drawn by D. M. Cornish in September 2009 that gives an outline of the Harthe Alle.[1]


Parthia is one of several locations that is named after a real world place, in this case a region of northeastern Iran.