Alternate names Purrichin
Type Teratologist
Employed by Various
Special equipment Therimoirs
Notable examples
Appearances Entire series

A sagaar is both a dancer and fighter who also functions as a teratologist. The calendar equivalent is a purrichin. They originated in the northern lands of the Altgird, where they still function as the primarily teratologists.

Sagaars live to dance, incorporating all of their movements and actions into the "Perpetual Dance", which lasts their entire lives. They are both court-entertainers and monster hunters, using their sagaaris, quick reflexes, fluid actions, and therimoirs to battle monsters. However in the Haacobin Empire they are just seen as teratologists. Otherwise, they are too new to the empire to fit into any social status or have any notable reputation among everymen.

They wear tight-fitting clothes that allow them to dance with maximum flexibility.