Scarlet Tarquin
Status Alive
Occupations Scourge
Weapons Potives
Series debut Lamplighter

The Scarlet Tarquin is a scourge of unknown gender named for his use of all-red fascins which leave only a pair of lenses over his eyes to see. He uses the standard tools of his trade: stoups, salumanticums, and powder-costers.


He was hired in Hurdling Migh by the driver and side-armsman of an ox dray that delivered supplies to Wormstool to provide extra security in the event of a monster attack. They covered the cost of hiring the Scarlet Tarquin by increasing the delivery fees, which provoked an argument with Wormstool's day-clerk, Linus Semple.[1] During the unloading the scourge watched the goings on but did not offer to assist.


Tarquin is a name of Latin origin, derived from Tarquinius.


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