Status Deceased
Affiliations Hogshead
Occupations Dispensurist
Weapons Potives
Series debut Foundling

Sloughscab was a dispensurist who was one of the crew of the cromster Hogshead.



When the Hogshead dropped anchor on the western bank of the River Humour the same night after passing Proud Sulking to make a trade with some corsers on shore, Sloughscab accompanied Poundich and several crewmen in the jolly boat. After they made the trade, both groups were attacked by an ettin. Sloughscab tried to use his potives against it, but these proved ineffective. He was not with Poundinch and the others when they returned to the cromster. In a conversation with another crewman the following morning, Gibbon, the boatswain's mate who had been part of the landing party the previous night, mentioned Sloughscab's role in the fight, suggesting that he had been killed.[1]


His name is a combination of the words "slough" and "scab", individually or together a reference to wound healing.


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