Small and the surrounding area.
Part of Soutlands
Type Colony
Ruler Scepticus XLV Haacobin Menangës
Affiliations Haacobin Empire
This topic does not appear in the main story, but can be found in the Lamplighter explicarium. Lamplighter mini

Small is a Soutland colony of the Haacobin Empire located on the eastern side of the Grume and south of the Smallish Fells. People from the area are known as Smallish. Due to its status Small does not have its own flag, flying the Ol' Barny instead.


Unlike other city-states of the Empire, Small does not have a standing army, employing a militia of musketeers composed of local people. The Smallish still maintain a sense of pride in their heritage, which is reflected in their choice of wearing ancestral baldrics, although tan and leuc are somewhat unofficially becoming thought of as Smallish mottle. Hauberdiers are stationed at Audagost, but are under Imperial command.

Behind the scenesEdit

D. M. Cornish provided some background on Small in an October 2010 blog post, in which he posted illustrations of the mottle and harness of the various states that comprise the Haacobin Empire.[1]


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