Europe is a notable fulgar and teratologist.
Alternate names Pugnator, theroscaturgis, catagist
Type Monster-hunter
Employed by Various
Notable examples Europe
Appearances Entire series

A teratologist is a person with a professional interest in monsters, specifically those who are focused on destroying them. Strictly speaking however, it refers to someone who studies monsters.

Teratologists' capacity for violence and the surgical changes to their bodies that have given them their new abilities make them repugnant in the eyes of some, but there is no shortage of demand for them due to the ever-present threat of monsters.


Teratologists are also known by the following names:

  • pugnator
  • monster-hunter
  • theroscaturgis ("beast-destroyer")
  • catagist (-is) ("destroyer")


There are a variety of teratologists, each with a specific focus:

Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, in stouche and out. For example, a lazhar functions as a human weapon but is restricted by the need to take plaudamentum to keep their added organs working. Skolds and scourges do not have this problem, but are dependent upon chemical preparations that they must bring to combat -and which can backfire on them. Lurksmen often use long-rifles, giving them range but less destructive power than is wielded by lazhars and skolds; and to be truly effective they often turn to sthenicon or olfcactologue, heightening their senses but encouraging a disfiguring dependency in turn. Pistoleers use the weakest and least accurate firearms: to use the more effective skold-shot they shorten the lives of their weapon(s) as well. Sagaars engage monsters at close range, where one misstep can mean a bloody end...

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