Type Monster butcher
Employed by Commerce men
Mentioned Lamplighter

A therlane (literally meaning "monster-butcher") is a type of butcher who specialises in working with dead monsters. The term is derived from a Tutin term, therilanius. They are familiar with the unique anatomies that monsters possess and have a knowledge of the various uses that monster organs and parts may fulfill. A therlane's role is to dissect the monsters accordingly with sectitheres. This expertise makes them key members of the dark trades and they are relied upon by commerce men. Skilled therlanes can command high prices for their work.


Sebastipole mentioned therlanes as being part of the chain of related occupations that compose the dark trades, being second in the process after lurchers whose job is to procure the monsters.[1]


  1. Lamplighter, Chapter 10 - Sebastipole tells Rossamünd about Numps' history.