Quietis Furrow
Quietis Furrow wielding his tomahawk.
Type Axe
Notable characteristics Can also be used as a throwing weapon.
User Fouracres
Quietis Furrow
Appearances Foundling
This topic does not appear in the main story, but can be found in the Factotum explicarium. Factotum mini

A tomahawk is a small-headed axe that has a hollowed blade on one side and a broad spike on the other, with the handle often entirely bound with leather or sergreen. Despite its light weight, the tomahawk is effective in a fight and can also be used as a throwing weapon. It tends to be used by people in rural areas such as peltrymen.


Fouracres carries a pair of tomahawks, which he quickly drew when the rever-man in the Hogshead's hold made itself known and Freckle was simultaneously released from his crate.[1]

The peltryman Quietis Furrow carried a tomahawk as one of his handheld weapons, which he wielded against the Sloe Sapperling with some effect.[2]


The axe is based on the real world tomahawk.


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