Status Alive
Rank Rivermaster
Occupations Master of the Rupunzil
Series debut Foundling

Rivermaster Vigilus is the master of the cromster Rupunzil.



After Rossamünd Bookchild accepted Sebastipole's offer to join the lamplighters, it was arranged for him to take the Rupunzil from Boschenberg to High Vesting. However when he searched for it on the Padderbeck in the thick fog he instead encountered Poundinch, master of the Hogshead. The quick thinking Poundinch pretended to be Vigilus in order to lure Rossamünd on board, claiming that Vigilus was Tutin for Poundinch when his actual name was revealed. Just after the Hogshead set off it passed the Rupunzil at its berth, but Rossamünd was unable to read its nameplate by the fog and activity of its crew, although he saw someone pacing beside it on the pier as if waiting for someone or something.[1] The Rupunzil later passed the Hogshead on the River Humour twice, although Rossamünd did not discover that it was the Rupunzil until the second time.[2]


Vigilus means "watching" in Latin, a reference to his searching for Rossamünd.


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