Type Sailor
Employed by Haacobin Empire
Appearances Foundling
Mentioned Lamplighter

A vinegaroon is a sailor who operates on the vinegar seas. They are distinguished from bargemen, who operate on rivers. Also called salts and sailors, vinegaroons man the decks of rams and other vessels that ply the seas of the Harthe Alle for most of their lives. This exposes them to some of the most extreme elements in the world.

Since most rams and cargo ships have no underdeck area for the vinegaroons to sleep in, the men are exposed to the elements above the deck. Harsh sea salts which corrode the skin spray up from the depths of the vinegar sea, which corrode and blister the skin and can even cause death in the most extreme of cases. It is for these reasons that many vinegaroons die young. Vinegaroons develop a distinct rolling walk from being on the seas for so long.

Vinegaroon culture is little known to the lands of the Haacobin Empire, simply because it is largely kept between the vinegaroons themselves. One element of vinegaroon culture is the Capstan Song, a catchy work song that vinegaroons favor for its lively tune. Capstan Songs themselves reflect the culture of harshness that the Vinegaroons are exposed to, and the songs occasionally find their way into culture for a brief period of time.

In the rare event that a vinegaroon does live well past his career on the vinegar seas, he does not retire in a kindly way. The retired vinegaroon usually lives in less than suitable shany-town conditions, seedy places found in the middle of major cities. Occasionally they are lucky enough to find a new line of work in the occupation of a servant, but rarely are they elevated to high status. Their harsh early life has prepared them for the difficult world on the shoreline, though, so they rarely complain about their situation.