Status Alive
Origin Boschenberg
Affiliations Boschenberg
Rank Clerks' Sergeant
Occupations Revenue officer
Relatives 12 children
Series debut Foundling

Clerks' Sergeant Voorwind is a revenue officer responsible for one of the many gates of the southern Axle of Boschenberg.


Voorwind has 12 young children, with the youngest at four months and two sets of twins and a set of triplets. As his pay is insufficient to provide for this large family, he has resorted to accepting bribes to supplement his income. He is familiar with Rivermaster Poundinch.



When the Hogshead, with Rossamünd Bookchild aboard, sought to pass through the southern Axle, it stopped at the gate commanded by Voorwind. Poundinch met with him and Rossamünd eavesdropped on their conversation. After pocketing his bribe, Voorwind discussed the Hogshead's cargo as well as Rossamünd. He also warned the rivermaster about an Imperial edict expanding the ban on the dark trades and suggested that he would level a higher fine the next time that Poundinch wanted to pass through. When the rivermaster tried to push back, Voorwind issued a counterthreat, but nonetheless permitted the Hogshead to pass through the Axle.[1]


His name means "for wind" in Dutch.


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